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  1. moritz May 24, 2014

    Hi all Loli-Com Staff and Members,
    I joined because ecchi without loli is like a year without spring. And it can't be separated from Japanese culture.

  2. KOKUJINDESU Dec 19, 2012

    loli christmas!"

  3. Hiroyuki-sing Mar 05, 2011

    Hi I joined because I have a lolita complex and lotitas are so cute!

    merged: 03-12-2011 ~ 01:26am
    hey did you guys hear about the earthquake that lead to the tsunami in Japan. Their saying that there's a tsunami heading for Hawii.

    merged: 03-16-2011 ~ 11:39pm
    Hello it's me agin how is everyone? ^.^

  4. kmt89cccp Mute Member Jan 03, 2011

    Hello Everyone

  5. melymay Jul 06, 2010

    Aw, SunSpots :) Cheer up!
    *throws a hundred loli girls at you*

    merged: 07-13-2010 ~ 06:20am
    4chan is handy.

  6. SunSpots Jun 11, 2010

    i am disgusted with myself

    merged: 06-11-2010 ~ 03:35am
    i am digusted with myself because i never come on here anymore D:

    merged: 06-11-2010 ~ 03:36am

  7. SapphireDragonG3 Apr 07, 2010

    :o holy crap its been awhile since anyone has said anything

  8. chobitz7 Jan 28, 2010

    <3 little girls

  9. melymay Oct 18, 2009

    Welcome to the group.
    And yes, this new layout will take some time to getting used to.

    merged: 01-05-2010 ~ 11:28pm
    We need some CPR.

    merged: 01-05-2010 ~ 11:37pm

    Nanatsuiro Drops

  10. stargem Oct 16, 2009

    yay for lolis lol sign me up

  11. SunSpots Oct 15, 2009

    dear god, this new minitokyo layout is horrible

  12. melymay Oct 10, 2009

    Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity

    I think the girl with the purple hair would be nice too : )

  13. SapphireDragonG3 Oct 09, 2009

    Quote by melymayYee.
    The group page is going to be plain for awhile until I figure the new CSS out.

    hehe, use a shana or louise theme! there is more out there that would rock too, but i cant remember them

  14. melymay Oct 07, 2009

    The group page is going to be plain for awhile until I figure the new CSS out.

  15. SapphireDragonG3 Oct 02, 2009

    wow, minitokyo got a facelift!

  16. angelxxuan Banned Member Sep 22, 2009

    hi all ^_^ these aren't my works but I am extremely ready and by all means HAPPY FALL ^_^

    and for the other side Happy spring

  17. SapphireDragonG3 Sep 16, 2009

    WOOO! shirafuji natsuki is epic win! *clings* again!

  18. angelxxuan Banned Member Sep 16, 2009

    hiya I just joined didn't even know this group existed...guess it was a good day to venture out into the groups to see what was alive and dead ^_^

  19. SapphireDragonG3 Sep 14, 2009

    WOOO! shirafuji natsuki is epic win! *clings*

  20. melymay Sep 14, 2009


  21. SapphireDragonG3 Aug 22, 2009


    merged: 08-23-2009 ~ 12:10am
    :s irony runs deep, anyone know good guro anime sites? ive found gurochan and gelbooru but that ish it.

    merged: 09-07-2009 ~ 11:49pm

  22. SunSpots Aug 18, 2009


  23. melymay Aug 12, 2009

  24. SapphireDragonG3 Aug 10, 2009

    'bout time someone was alive in here other than me!

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